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Grades 9-12 Admissions Response Form

On behalf of the HBA Admissions Committee, congratulations on qualifying for the 2018-2019 school year. We appreciate you taking the time to submit the following response form. It will assist us in reserving spots for students in the appropriate grade levels.

Note: This response form does not apply to current HBA students.

REPLY DEADLINE: April 16, 2018 or by the deadline noted on the offer of acceptance.

Please list the school you plan to have your child attend (list all schools if considering more than one). You may scroll down to the end of the form, record your comments, then click the "submit" button. Thank you for considering HBA and for taking the time to complete this form.​
Please select an appointment time below. All appointments will be in the Admissions Office on the high school campus (2429 Pali Highway, Room C-101) and will be considered confirmed. Contact the Admissions Office if you need to change your appointment.​​​​
Name of parent to contact​​
You agree and consent that your use of a key pad, mouse or other device to select an item, button, icon, checkbox, to enter text, or to perform a similar act/action (e.g., by clicking “Submit”) constitutes your electronic signature and signifies your intent to be bound. You understand that your electronic signature is legally binding, just as if you manually signed a paper document in ink.

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Phone: (808) 595-7585
Email: admissions@hba.net

Meet Our Staff

Kathy Lee '69
Director of Admissions
Middle & High School

Traci Haly
Admissions Officer
Middle & High School

Susan "Sue" Yoshida
Admissions Secretary
Middle & High School

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