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Alumni Chronicles: Samantha (Johnson) Hague '86
Posted 07/21/2017 02:00PM

Samantha "Sam" (Johnson) Hague '86, second from the left, with her family in England in July 2016. Back row, L-R: Todd Hague, Sam's husband; Sam; Winston Fruge, Sam's grandson; Lyxee Fruge, Sam's daughter; Dustin Fruge, Sam's son-in-law; and Ezri Fruge, Sam's granddaughter. Front row: Dominic Hague, Sam's adopted son.

This article was written for the Soaring Eagle newsletter, 2017 summer edition. Do you know an alum who is making a difference in their community? Please email cyasutomi@hba.net so we can share their story with our HBA ohana.

By Maurine King

To do justice to the amazing journey of Samantha "Sam" (Johnson) Hague '86 would take a book. But the long story short brings to mind the verse from Psalm 68:6—"God setteth the solitary in families."

Sam says that in September of 1997, "I was a single mom of a six-year-old daughter [Lyxee] in Australia and doing my training with Youth With a Mission. Twenty years later, I'm in East Texas on staff with YWAM, a grandmother of two delightful and precious children that live in England, a newlywed, a new mother to a nine-year-old son with ADHD, and the caregiver of my mother with Alzheimer's."

Most of those 20 years have been with Living Alternatives (www.livingalternatives.org), a ministry that serves about 150 girls a month at a Pregnancy Resource Center for free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Sam has worked directly at Fatherheart, a maternity home connected with the Center. In those years she has assisted at several births and has loved and counseled hundreds of often very young mothers. Sam's letters tell about the struggles of these girls to overcome abuse, fear, addiction, guilt, and bad decisions. Some stories have happy endings, with babies going to adoptive families. Others are less happy, with girls returning to Fatherheart with repeat pregnancies. One of these babies became part of Sam's family.

Sam met her husband, Todd, through his mother, Doreen Hague, who is the director of the Pregnancy Resource Center. Love blossomed and they married in 10 months. Todd has three biological brothers and three adopted siblings. One of these, Sherri, was adopted at the age of two. Sherri had had a rough start, with emotional scars that even a loving new family couldn't heal. As a teen, she stayed at Fatherheart herself, where Sam did her admission interview and intake, and gave birth to Dominic. Because of Sherri's instability, caring for the child fell to Doreen and Todd. Eventually Todd adopted Dominic himself.

After they were married, Todd and Sam began to discuss adoption, so that Sam would be Dominic's legal mother. But they both rely on donations for their income, with not much money for the lawyers' fees. To the rescue came Shannon, a former Fatherheart girl who is now a wife, mother, and para-legal. Her business, FED-UP LEGAL SOLUTIONS, prepares documents for clients. With the further help of a sympathetic lawyer, Dominic was adopted on December 12, 2016, the day after his ninth birthday, thus starting his tenth year with a mom. Big sister Lyxee joined the family via FaceTime in the courtroom.

Sam says, "How God put this all together is so beautiful!" He indeed has put together a family for a woman who has helped so many others do the same.

They reside in Texas. Todd teaches history and literature at Christian Heritage School. Sam's oldest daughter, Lyxee, lives in England with her husband and their two children. Lyxee and her husband are also YWAM missionaries.

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