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Traci (Shibuya) Morihara

Class of 1991

My journey at HBA began in 1985 when I walked onto the campus as a very nervous seventh grader. I didn’t know much about the school, or very many people. All I knew is that my parents wanted me to come to HBA because of its academic and Christian values. My teachers, who were energetic and very loving, immediately welcomed me. In time, I developed wonderful relationships with my classmates and my tennis teammates.

One of the most important things I learned at HBA was that Jesus loved me. Although I knew that as a child, I was able to develop a much deeper relationship with Jesus at HBA. I took my relationship with Jesus into college and into the real world, and told the story of Jesus by the way that I lived my life, as well as what I do now as a teacher.

The reason I came back to teach at HBA is because HBA is focused on two things: academic and spiritual life. Being able to put both of those together in the classroom is just a joy to me. Helping students grow in their academic foundation, and develop their love for Jesus, makes teaching a blessing. I also wanted my students to have the same experience that I had as a student. The relationships that I built with my teachers and my friends made a lasting impact, and I wanted to do the same for the students that I would be teaching as well.

I hope my students find joy in learning, and being in a classroom sparks curiosity and wonder in them so they want to learn more about the world around them.

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