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Mainland Advisory Council

The Mainland Advisory Council (MAC) is a group of more than 300 friends who have supported HBA since 1977 through prayer, financial giving, and recruiting of new donors. The impact that the MAC and its friends have had on HBA through the years reaches far beyond Hawaii's shores and spans generations. They come from 25 states and generally consider the annual meeting in Honolulu a combination revival and reunion. The MAC meeting is one of the highlights of the year for the entire HBA family. During the week, our mainland friends meet our students, faculty and staff, alumni, parents and grandparents during campus visits. They also are updated on the latest plans for the school and its future.

Clara Inglish, Dallas, Texas
MAC Member since 2012

I first became interested in Hawaii Baptist Academy while working on the missions committee at my church. Bob Spotswood, who is a MAC member, gave me information about HBA. I was amazed by the story of how HBA acquired its elementary campus. God’s provision and favor were clearly evident. I then came to visit the school, and was overwhelmed by the joy I experienced from the children. Read more

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Share HBA's mission with your church, small group, or Bible study. Robert Whitfield, our staff representative on the mainland, is ready to help you out. He's also available for missions fairs or other missions events.

Contact Information

Robert Whitfield
Mainland Donor Relations
P.O. Box 192632
Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: (214) 599-0048
Email: trwfriend@aol.com

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