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The Wada Family. Left to right: Darren Wada '87, Ally Wada '18, Emi Wada '22, Rylie Wada '15, and Candi (Han) Wada '88.

Darren Wada
Class of 1987

What makes HBA special is the size. It’s big enough where the kids can be competitive in sports, but it’s small enough where if the kids work hard enough they can all participate in a sport. And for me, sports is huge. It really taught me a lot of life lessons and kept me out of trouble.

Over the years, I’ve seen HBA grow in its enrollment and facilities, but what I really like is that the mission has never changed. The emphasis has always been on Christ, and for me, that’s the probably the most important thing. It doesn’t matter about the amount of buildings, the amount of titles, or the amount of students they have. The main thing is that they emphasize Christ first.

HBA has taught me three things: to dream, to work hard and to persevere. It is our hope is that our daughters will have a similar experience.

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