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Taylor White
Class of 2016

When I first came to HBA, I was a very different girl with different dreams, a different attitude, and a very different understanding of God. My first teacher was Mrs. Gomez. Not only did she spend many extra hours tutoring me in math - which was once my weakest and is now my strongest and favorite subject - but she was the first teacher who encouraged me to use my gifts for Christ in Ho'omana, a Christian sign language worship club for elementary students.

As I think back over my years at this school, I realize how much these teachers have cared for me far beyond academics. The knowledge that was poured into my life has turned into words that I remember every time I reach a valley or climb a mountain in my faith, and God has used this knowledge to build my life around Him. It's taken me a while to understand who God is, but because of the grace He's shown me, the sole purpose of my life now is to give glory to God.

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