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From left to right: David Keuning '85, Anika Keuning '18, Kai Keuning '21, and Manami Keuning.

David Keuning
Class of 1985

I remember having great friends in high school. I loved spending time with them, and I continue to stay in touch with my high school friends.

I also remember having great conversations with teachers. I remember one particular case, I felt really upset or frustrated, and the teacher brought me out of the classroom. The class continued to do something, and she just had a one to one conversation with me. It was really meaningful. She demonstrated a lot of care for me as an individual.

Now, I see teachers really investing in the lives of my children, and I think it's fantastic. My daughter had Mrs. Silva in eighth grade as a homeroom teacher, and I loved seeing the effort that she poured into Anika’s life. I loved seeing the way she communicated to her on a person-to-person level, and provided her with the life coaching that benefitted my daughter so much. HBA has been a great school for my son, Kai. He enjoys the academics, he’s enjoyed making new friends, and he’s having opportunities to try new things. He’s trying band, he’s involved with sports, and he’s doing a whole bunch of different things. I just love seeing him blossom.

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