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6th Grader Recognized For Poetry
Posted 05/24/2017 08:00AM

Kylie Chock.

Kylie Chock, sixth grader, has been selected as one of the winners in a state-wide writing contest for middle school students.

My Hawaii is an annual environmental writing contest sponsored by the Pacific Writers' Competition, the Hawaii Conservation Alliance (HCA), and several state and federal agencies. This year, more than 300 short stories and poems were submitted to the competition. Chock's poem, The Dying Coral of Hawaii, was chosen as one of the top 25 entries. Her poem will be published in an anthology which will be distributed to schools and libraries. It will also be published on the HCA's website.

The winners will be presented with awards and prizes at the Hawaii Conservation Conference on July 17.

The Dying Coral of Hawai'i
by Kylie Chock

The vibrant colors around me
Clear blue water
The fish that would hide in me
The spiny crab that finds shelter in me

But now I am no more
I am fragile
The algae is leaving
I will not be able to survive
My coral is bleached

I am the key of life
Without me the circle is broken

Warm water around me
Hopelessly trapped in this sizzling world
In the water I am dying slowly, day by day

Seeing the ocean die down
Like the birds that fly high
The dry sand of the beach

I die near the coast of Hawai'i
Will die down with whiteness
I will die with sadness

The temperature rising
Me dying
I am stressed
No fish around me
No one to help me

They all found a new home
Me sitting and waiting
For a new friend to come

Was a beautiful color
Everyone loving me
People come to see me
Fish as my neighbors

Now I am white
Now I am not loved
Now I am lonely
Now I am left here to die

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